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  • Made in 2016
  • Information about the various technical in-house and University or national level events
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Technical Committee

  • Objectives:
    1. To encourage and ensure the quality of scientific and technical events through training, competition or Workshops.
    2. To ensure the availability of adequate resources for the students and faculties for knowledge enhancement .
    3. To improve the technical skill and  employability  of students .
  • Outcome:

    Life-long learning in the students


  • Student Members:
    • Shivam Mishra [IT Dept] – Technical Representative
    • Vaishnavi K. [EXTC Dept] – Technical Representative
    • Kavya Kotian [IT Dept] -Team Co-ordinator
    • Kawarjeet Yadav [EXTC Dept] – Team Co-ordinator
    • Anosh Amaria [Mechanical Dept] – Event Co-ordinator
    • Varun C. [Mechanical Dept] – Event Co-ordinator
    • Sachin Mishra [Mechanical Dept] – Event Co-ordinator